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common peroneal nerve lesions

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Nerve Reconstruction

Contrary to the beliefs of many, that lower extremity nerve lesion repair has a relatively poor prognosis, Dr. Terzis has a large experience with the microsurgical repair of these lesions. Recent analysis of our patient population has yielded that in early lesions, good to excellent results can be obtained using a lot of the techniques she has introduced for the microsurgical care of these injuries, including use of vascularized nerve grafts, and use of vascularized fascia flaps to enhance the blood supply and facilitate regeneration through these long nerve grafts.

In regards to peroneal nerve lesions, in the late seventies, the prognosis for recovery of function following injury to this nerve was guarded. Over the past twenty years, Dr. Terzis has accumulated one of the largest series of common peroneal nerve lesions in North America by introducing new strategies of repair that are based on an understanding of the anatomical, neurophysiological, and vascular characteristics surrounding this particular lower extremity nerve.

The strategies of microsurgical reconstruction have been designed to combat appreciable nerve gaps, and compromised blood supply by provision of vascularized tissue that guarantees successful nerve regrowth. Dr. Terzis’ work shows that the surgical repair of lower extremity lesions is worthwhile, with the majority of results for early lesions ranging from good to excellent.